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What is Quiet Circle?

Quiet Circle is an anonymous community where you can share your workplace abuse stories and know that you are not the only one fighting it. Quiet Circle is a platform for people to share their experiences with organisational harassment and show support to those who have had similar experiences. We believe that everybody, no matter where they are, is entitled to respect. Quiet Circle is committed to achieving this. Quiet Circle is here to support you in taking action if you need it. You are not alone in your struggle; tell us about it; we are here to listen.

Never be bullied into silence. Share your story, inspire others.

Quiet Circle understands the problem, Our objective is to bring a change in the community that makes workplace harassment Ok!

We agree that addressing the issue of racism, verbal, sexual harassment at workplace - necessitates a thorough understanding of how people view the world differently depending on their identity. Many on the margins of society not only face more abuse, but the harassment is often more serious, resulting in more psychological, social, and financial consequences. The cause of harassment is not "a few bad people," but rather a broader, global culture that accepts racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of harassment and makes it okay.

Who would bring in the needed changes in society if not us? Who else would speak out against it if not us? It's now or never. The time has come to act.

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Discrimination at work

Share your story with us.

The purpose of Quiet Circle is to raise awareness that sexual harassment is a significant issue that should not be overlooked. Racism at work, verbal abuse, transgender harrasment at workplace and sexual harassment; all are real, and suppressing them is not acceptable. It is not acceptable to experience them in silence. Fighting against it is what Quiet Circle believes in. We want to provide a platform for such stories that were repressed. We all have the right to voice out our injustices and fight for them. Quiet Circle believes in all stories and values people who want to make an impact in the community. We envision a society in which every single person would have the right to engage in civic life, get full respect at the workplace and achieve their full potential.

We Support You. We believe in you. We stand with you.

We should all have the freedom to be ourselves, no matter where we are. We are all entitled to be respected, no matter where we are. We are all allowed to work without any injustice, no matter where we are.

How to make a difference?

Stories can bring the change- you can bring the change. Change the way society views harassment and make it clear that ignoring it is not an option. Share your story with us to show others that they are not on their own to fight against harassment. Only together can we put an end to it.

You may choose to remain anonymous or to use your first name. If you have experienced or witnessed injustice, it must be addressed. Make a difference by sharing your experience. And maybe you'll be able to stop others from having the same experience. To bring an end to workplace abuse, we must address it at its source and prioritise the voices of those who are most affected. Most of us have experienced disrespectful or even hateful behaviour; some have been victims of racism at work, and others have been victims of sexual harassment at workplace. To end the cycle of abuse, we must commit to making a difference by raising our voices.

We know that, while all our struggles and backgrounds are unique to us, our lives and freedom are inextricably linked. Workplace Harassment affects all of us, can happen to anybody, we can't just choose silence and blame it only on our own experiences. We must battle for the rights and integrity of ours and others too, only then we will be truly free.

We believe that everyone deserves respect, wherever they are, whoever they are.

Let's bring the change together.

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